Alexander Burtsev

Frontend-developer & traveler

About me

My Work

I began working as an HTML coder in 2005. In two years, as it usually happens with HTML coders, I learned JavaScript and devoted myself entirely to programming. Gradually I also learned a complete set of server technologies: programming languages (PHP, Python), databases (MySQL, PostreSQL), configuring servers and so on. You can get more information about my experience in my CV.

My Hobbies

Web development is not only a job for me, it’s my hobby as well. I regularly read a lot of thematic blogs, develop my own projects and contribute to open source projects.

Besides that, I like to travel. By car, on foot, by plane or by train, exploring Russia or going abroad, staying in a tent or in a hotel — it doesn't matter. The main goal is to enjoy all stages: from planning the trip to returning home in wet boots and with a torn backpack.

In my spare time, I read books, watch TV shows and improve my English. Also, I'm a husband and a father.


I graduated from Moscow State University (Chemical department, 2001 — 2007).


Rememba Application for expanding vocabulary My contribution: frontend code of application (Backbone/Marionette) and tests (CasperJS/PhantonCSS). Edox Russia Edox watches in Russia My contribution: frontend (HTML/CSS, jQuery) and backend (CMS Correct). GC Watches GC Watches in Russia My contribution: frontend (HTML/CSS, jQuery) and backend (CMS Correct). 3waytalk Connects you to an interpreter My contribution: WebRTC client (based on sip.js), audio players (SoundManager), dashboard, etc.



Not forgetting about supporting old browsers, I can find an application for cutting-edge technologies. I try automating all the routine in my daily work. In my 10 years of experience, I worked as frontend-developer, but I also have experience in backend development.



Python (Django, Tornado), PHP (Twig), Node.js (Express), Bash.

Administration and Databases



Mail.Ru: 2011 — 2014

Team lead in

JavaScript-developer of content projects Mail.Ru.

HTML coder in content projects and mail service.

My Projects

I'm one of the frontend developers in project


I have developed CMS Correct (PHP/Twig/MySQL). Project was created as a simple tool for deployment of online shops and catalogs.


The best way to contact me is to write me at email or add me in Skype.